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Value-based hiring
to help support
value-based care.

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Nurse Recruiting

Building a strong and dedicated nursing team starts with recruiting compassionate and skilled nurses who are committed to providing exceptional patient care.

Physician Recruiting

Effective physician recruiting requires a strategic approach that identifies and attracts top talent while also considering the unique needs and goals of your healthcare organization and community.

Non-Clinical Recruiting

Conducting thorough and well-prepared healthcare interviews is essential for identifying the most qualified candidates and ensuring a successful hire who aligns with your organization's values and goals.

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"Upon joining Delta Dental Arizona, I implemented a valus-driven hiring strategy to enhance our culture, ensure quality of hire, and execute an effective and efficent interview process. The IIA platform enabled us to put this strategy into practice, to achieve hiring manager interviewing consistency, and to provide the positive candidate experience required in today's competitive hiring environment"

Jolean Fleck, VP of People at Delta Dental AZ 

4-Steps to Better Healthcare Interviews


Before the Interview


During the Interview


After the Interview


Interview Process Improvement

Before the Interview

Co-create interview plans with your team for a more successful hiring outcome.

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 Immediate access to interview data, allowing for more informed hiring decisions, reducing the risk of memory biases, and enabling effective collaboration among hiring teams.

During the Interview

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After the Interview

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Data-supported notes for hiring managers help to mitigate recall bias and ensure that you select the right talent.

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Data-powered measurement of interviewer behavior can provide valuable insights for optimizing the hiring process and ensuring fairness and consistency in candidate evaluation.

Interview Process Improvement

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Intelligent Interview Assistant Features

Hundreds of specialized interview questions

Standardized interview questions can help you effectively and efficiently assess candidates' qualifications, competencies, and cultural alignment, leading to better hiring decisions and increased success in attracting and retaining top healthcare talent.

Access for every interviewer in your organization

Aligning your entire interviewing team brings value to a healthcare organization by reducing bias and increasing consistency in the hiring process, leading to better candidate selection and improved patient care.

Hiring plans for physicians and nurses of all levels

Nurses and physicians should use hiring plans to help guide their selection process as it provides structure, ensures key competencies and skills are evaluated, helps identify top candidates, and ultimately improves the quality of care provided to patients.

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