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BREAKING NEWS: IA Technologies (interviewIA) launches IIA Healthcare, Expanding its Revolutionary Interview Solutions into the Healthcare Sector

Denver, Colorado - June 1, 2023 IA Technologies, the creator of interviewIA, is thrilled to announce the launch of IIA Healthcare, dedicated to transforming talent acquisition in the healthcare industry. With a proven track record of reducing turnover by 25% within the first year and increasing time savings by 60% throughout the hiring process, IIA Healthcare aims to revolutionize how hospitals and health systems hire.

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IIA Healthcare Launches A Hire Future in Healthcare Podcast Series featuring the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment

Denver, Colorado – June 1, 2023 IIA Healthcare — a leading interview feedback and hiring improvement platform for the healthcare industry, powered by interviewIA — has launched a new series of podcast interviews for A Hire Future podcast.

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Listen to the podcast here.

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