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Transform hiringwith compliant,AI-powered notes

IIA Healthcare utilizes your internal interview notes,
combined with generative AI to craft compliant
documentation for all interviews.

Organized, automatic, compliant notes. 

Human connection, AI precision

  • Reduce stress on hiring teams


  • Help hiring managers focus more on the candidate and less on their notes


  • Reduce documentation time from minutes to seconds 


  • Mitigate bias and create equity throughout the candidate review process

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At IIA Healthcare the term Ethical AI refers to the responsible and fair application of artificial intelligence technologies throughout the recruitment process. This approach prioritizes transparency, accountability, and unbiased decision-making to ensure that AI systems used in hiring do not perpetuate or amplify existing biases. Ethical AI practices involve continuous monitoring, validation, and adjustment of algorithms to prevent discriminatory outcomes. 

Our commitment to Ethical AI

Ethical and inclusive practices

Demonstrate a commitment to fair and unbiased hiring practices.

Foster an inclusive environment by avoiding documentation that could be perceived as discriminatory.

Reputation management

Protect the company's reputation by showcasing a commitment to ethical and compliant hiring practices.

Attract diverse talent that value organizations with a strong commitment to fairness.

Consistent decision making

Promotes consistency in decision-making by basing choices on relevant skills and qualifications.

Reduces the risk of subjective biases influencing hiring decisions.

Data security and confidentiality 

Maintain the confidentiality and security of sensitive candidate information.

Adhere to data protection regulations, ensuring the privacy of every client and candidate.

If you’d like more information about our AI features and future roadmap, get in touch today!

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