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Instant talentrediscovery with QuickSource

Instantly source silver medalists and prequalified candidates who have already interviewed with other teams in your organization

Instantly map candidates to new jobs across the organization


Save time with instant rediscovery

  • Streamlined workflow for silver medalist candidates 


  • Reduce sourcing time by as much as 65%


  • Optimize hiring plans 

We help you identify the talent you need

Hiring silver medalist candidates can yield significant outcomes for organizations. These finalists, though not initially selected, often bring valuable skills and cultural alignment.

Companies can accelerate time-to-fill positions, reduce recruitment costs, and minimize risks associated with onboarding. Integrating silver medalists enhances team dynamics and fosters diversity of thought, contributing to improved organizational performance and long-term success.

Identify hidden talent

Analyze comprehensive data to pinpoint overlooked candidates matching new job requirements.

Data analysis reveals overlooked talent, streamlining rediscovery.

Streamline hiring decisions

Utilize data insights to expedite evaluation and selection of silver medalist candidates.

Learn more today! 

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