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IIA Healthcare Launched

BREAKING NEWS: IA Technologies (interviewIA) launches IIA Healthcare, Expanding its Revolutionary Interview Solutions into the Healthcare Sector

Denver, Colorado - June 1, 2023 - IA Technologies, the creator of interviewIA, is thrilled to announce the launch of IIA Healthcare, dedicated to transforming talent acquisition in the healthcare industry. With a proven track record of reducing turnover by 25% within the first year and increasing time savings by 60% throughout the hiring process, IIA Healthcare aims to revolutionize how hospitals and health systems hire.

As a team of experts specializing in interview feedback and hiring improvement technologies, IIA Healthcare has witnessed remarkable success with healthcare clients. Recognizing the sector's need to overcome talent shortages and ensure quality care delivery, IIA Healthcare is committed to being a key solution to help health systems and healthcare organizations improve hiring process and outcomes. By helping them manage qualified and engaged candidates who align with their unique cultures, IIA Healthcare will make a lasting impact on the healthcare sector and the communities they serve.

Through industry innovation sessions and discussions with healthcare thought leaders, IIA Healthcare observed a profound reality for healthcare talent professionals. Recruiters and hiring teams in healthcare are not simply hiring employees; they are selecting providers who may one day care for them and their loved ones as well. Recognizing the personal responsibility that talent acquisition professionals bear, IIA Healthcare is dedicated to providing data-driven solutions that leverage measurable interview conversations to improve hiring selections.

IIA Healthcare's expansion aligns with IA Technologies' mission to promote equity, mitigate bias, and improve outcomes through the interview process. By applying selection science, the company will help healthcare organizations hire and retain top talent while ensuring all qualified candidates have an equal opportunity to join great health systems.

Join IIA Healthcare on this transformative journey as they pioneer a new era of hiring excellence in the healthcare sector and elevate the quality of care provided by empowering healthcare organizations to make informed hiring decisions.

About IIA Healthcare

We are a software company that is passionate about leveraging selection science to help healthcare organizations hire the best talent and improve quality of care. Our mission is to promote equity and mitigate bias in the interview process, ensuring that all qualified candidates have an equal opportunity to join great health systems and make a positive impact on patient outcomes.

Press Contact: Ubaldo Ciminieri,

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